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                    • Take a moment, now, to meditate on the cost of war then ask yourself, what will you do when the next war is on the horizon?
                    • Believe nothing until it is officially denied.
                    my blog—The Haversian Canal

                    My life is divided among:

                    What's New

                    Short-term goals:

                    • Pass CAP and AABB inspections this summer

                    Travel plans: Thailand in December. Florida in January.

                    Recently completed: moved to Guam and took over as medical director of the clinical laboratory at Naval Hospital Guam

                    Lists of interesting people and interesting words and phrases.


                    FDA Debarements
                    FDA Investigator Disqualification Proceedings
                    Covered Entity Breach Reports

                    Health Care

                    Eat food. Not too much.
                    Mostly plants.

                    The Fat Trap
                    King Corn
                    Forks over Knives
                    Food, Inc
                    The Weight of the Nation
                    BBC: The Century of the Self
                    The Last Heart Attack
                    Ornish food spectrum

                    Mental Stat Exam
                    MCLNO Antibiogram
                    $4 drugs Target | Walmart
                    PubMed | OMIM

                    Preventive Healthcare

                    Cochrane Collaborative
                    CDC Prevention Guidelines
                    Drugs@FDA | P | NSF
                    Generics | Prescribing Info
                    | Wheeless
                    Merck Manual | Sabiston
                    UCSD Clinical Exams

                    General Research

                    GPO Access | WikiScanner
                    Bureau of Labor Stats
                    del.icio. | Wikipedia
                    Library of Congress
                    SourceWatch | Highwire
                    Open Access Journals
                    PLoS | Stnfd Encyc of Ph
                    R (manuals, wiki, listservs)

                    The Internet

                    Netflix ISP Speed index
                    HTML primer &
                    Special Characters
                    Math symbols
                    Mozilla | W3C
                    IT Conversations
                    Admin Tools
                    Learn Lisp Comics
                    Autodidact Tools

                    My Stuff

                    All photos
                    Judged photos
                    books I want
                    links | blog


                    WikiLeaks | OpenLeaks
                    N Engl J Med | JAMA
                    MMWR | Med Ltr | PLoS
                    Nature | Weather

                    Good Ideas

                    Our World in Data
                    Paul Farmer
                    Volunteers in Health
                    Creative Commons
                    CD Baby | RIAA Radar
                    Color Blender | Kuler
                    Find Fonts by Sight
                    Get human ctomer service
                    Foundation Center
                    Zopa | Kiva | Chow


                    Dave Burdick's Reef Species ID guide
                    AMT Boat Schedule

                    San Diego, CA

                    Tri Club
                    Water quality
                    SCCOOS currents
                    Wetsand (Surfing Magazine forecast)
                    Shralp Tide
                    Surfline North County Forecast
                    The Bird's surf report
                    Wave height, period, direction
                    Wind, temp, barometer
                    Rob Mehl
                    Joe Roper's Ding Repair
                    Hank Warner
                    Michel Junod

                    Portsmouth, VA

                    Lambert Point
                    currents, map
                    Lee Tolliver
                    All tides, currents, and consolidated report
                    Map of many fishing spots
                    Weather, Sunrise-Sunset
                    Fishing forecast, solunar tables

                    New Orleans Area

                    The Gambit Weekly
                    Algiers Commissary
                    NPR on WWNO WWOZ
                    People of New Orleans
                    Southern Rep Theatre
                    Jefferson Parish
                    Ochsner Hospital
                    Vote Smart
                    Contact Senators
                    Landrieu & Vitter


                    Naval Academy
                    Navy Cycling
                    Class of 1998
                    HPSP | Veterans
                    Mito-shi, Japan
                    London (GMT)
                    Providence, Tampa
                    College เครดิตฟรีล่าสุด
                    +15 hr
                    +6 hr
                    +1 hr
                    +0 hr